Minor update to the Image Host


When I first created the image host I made the grave mistake of using JPEG as a default file format for all images uploaded. At the time this seemed a wise decision due to the formats low file sizes and flexibility. It has taken me a while to correct this mistake but I finally managed to correct the error and from now on all images uploaded will be converted into the lossless PNG format instead.

This change will not affect currently uploaded images, they will be seamlessly converted to the new PNG standard when they are next requested. If you find any bugs please report them to dev@causdev.com.

Image Host


New image host, img.causdev.com It's a simple little image host I made because I was bored. Feel free to use it however you like, nothing illegal please. You can access it via the navigation bar above.

First Changes


I have made changes as to how this page works in the background. The page now gets these messages from the database, I will add pagination to this notice system when I get around to it.

Creation Day


Well, today I created this lovely little webpage, it is intended to be the testing grounds for many future experiments. I really hope you enjoy, and maybe (however unlikely) learn something from the pages within.